drumbeat berlin report

A past love interest’s life partner is missing, and no one but Drum can spare him from the Soviets.

Chester Drum will never cherish another lady the manner in which he adores Marianne. Following quite a while of on-and-off sentiment, he reveals to her that his work as a private analyst is unreasonably perilous for him to ever wed, so she parts of the bargains moves to West Berlin, to give an account of the Cold War from its forefronts. There she begins to look all starry eyed at Quentin Hammond, pro remote journalist, and Drum is cheerful for her until her new man vanishes behind the Iron Curtain. She transmits for help, and Drum is on the following plane.

Hammond was near winning the scoop of the century, by helping out a banished East German protester to burrow underneath the Berlin Wall and free a huge number of individuals from the opposite side. Before they could finish their bold plan, however, the Stasi grabbed them. Just Drum has what it takes to go behind the divider and come back with the man who’s taken the lady he adores.

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