how to become a knight mozilla fellowship host

How to Become a Knight-Mozilla Fellowship Host


One very important indicator I left out, that falls neatly into the “Commitment to the Partnership” category – strong candidates will have some very clear ideas about the technology problems they’d like to solve as part of the partnership and a clear sense of how a solution would be useful to many others in the journalism field.


As we ramp up the MoJo project, we have already been contacted by over 35 organizations expressing their interest in hosting one of our 15 fellows.

With so much interest, it’s important that we begin to clarify how we will select hosting organizations.

As you might have noticed, we have four great news partners already selected to host fellows (BBC,, the Guardian, and Zeit Online) .   As we are very much in a testing phase of the partnership this year, we may only place fellows at those four organizations in 2011.

Later in 2011, most likely in November, we will post a simple application for organizations that want to host one of the 2012 fellows.

Here are the basic criteria we will use to select fellow-hosting organizations and some examples of the kinds of indicators we’ll be looking for:

Innovation Capacity

  • invested in innovation
  • empower technical teams to experiment with new tools and models
  • excited about open web standards and software that can be used and remixed by others
  • a maker/hacker culture is in evidence, even if lots of financial resources are not

Producing Excellent Journalism

  • a history of producing content that makes an impact at the local, national or international level
  • values journalism that represent the fair, accurate, contextual pursuit of truth.

Commitment to the Partnership

  • active participation in sharing ideas and feedback on the community list
  • helping to build buzz during the innovation challenges
  • proposals for how an organization plans to build on their fellow’s work and the technologies we build after the partnership is over

Multiplier effect

  • how one organizations (or a partnership) with a Knight-Mozilla fellow can influence many more to adopt the technologies we develop

Compelling Stories

  • We’re open to surprises. What makes your news organization unique?  Do you reach a special audience?  Have you organized multiple news providers in your community to work together?

If you’re interested in hosting a Knight-Mozilla Fellow, mark your calendars for the November application window and in the meantime stay in touch and involved on our community list.

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