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Reading Roundup: Philanthropy – 7/6-12/11

1) Silicon Valley status symbols emphasize mind over material
2) A Modest Story About Moving Cash
3) Budget Talks Could Put Tax Breaks for Donations in Peril
4) Make Today’s Lessons Accessible for Tomorrow with Metadata
5) It’s The Relationship, Stupid!
6) Beth Falcone and Jamie MacDonald Launch GiveCorps
7) Giving is Love

1) Silicon Valley status symbols emphasize mind over material

Jessica Guynn at Los Angeles Times

In brief: “Silicon Valley’s rising young stars are rejecting the traditional symbols of status: fast cars, yachts, luxury homes. To make their mark, they’re putting their wealth into social causes and start-up ventures.”

My 2 cents: If you read through the article, you’ll find some gender-biased comments. The piece is driven by anecdotes, and doesn’t provide any broad data to support its broad premise.  It does reference an ethnographic dissertation published by Alice Marwick, available here.

2) A Modest Story About Moving Cash

Karen Pittelman at Resource Generation

In brief: A quick, inspiring story about a small foundation that took its mission-related investment approach seriously enough to move most of its accounts from a corporate bank to one that shared its social and environmental vision.  Bonus: they’re making better yields on their assets now.

3) Budget Talks Could Put Tax Breaks for Donations in Peril

Lisa Chiu at the Chronicle’s Government and Politics Watch

In brief:

As members of Congress and the White House prepare for this weekend’s closed-door negotiations on a deficit-reduction measure, many nonprofit leaders are worried that charitable deductions for wealthy Americans could face strict new limits.

President Obama this spring said he supports limiting deductions for wealthy people as a way to help bring more tax money into federal coffers—and that would include deductions affluent people take for gifts to charity.

See a more recent follow up post here.

My 2 cents: I’m beginning to wonder if there is an organized lobby for limiting the charitable deduction.  If so, I haven’t seen it mentioned in these stories.

4) Make Today’s Lessons Accessible for Tomorrow with Metadata

Sophia Guevara at Re: Philanthropy

In Brief: Metadata 101 for foundation staff.

My 2 cents: +1

5) It’s The Relationship, Stupid!

Richard Woo at Philanthropy 411

In brief: “When we pay as much attention to authentic relationship development as we do to program development—there is a greater chance of becoming relevant. Relationships are boundless, programs are finite.”

6) Beth Falcone and Jamie MacDonald Launch GiveCorps

at Citybiznews

In brief: “GiveCorps is an online platform that provides an easy way for donors to learn about and give to local nonprofit organizations and get discounts from area merchants in return.”

7) Giving is Love

Brigid Slipka at writings on giving & living

In brief: “Parting with your money is hard. But the hardest thing of all may be acknowledging what giving truly is, without scorn or eye-rolling or uncomfortable silences.”

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