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Reading Roundup: Philanthropy – 6/21-27/11

This week’s philanthropy reading roundup.

I actually missed #1 one, from June 15, in my first roundup.

1) Big Foundations & Effective Government Spending

Sean Stannard-Stockton at Tactical Philanthropy
In brief: Sean continues to argue that private foundations should participate as intermediary partners in the US federal Social Innovation Fund by responding to 4 reasons for non-involvement. Makes for an interesting case study on blockages to cross-sector partnership.

2) Social Impact Evaluation: Useful? Utopian?

Jonathan Lewis at Huffington Post
In brief:

Soon, in-the-trenches anti-poverty practitioners with long experience, community-based organizations close to their clients, market-based programs with real revenues and real customers, and experimental, innovative initiatives with great promise may be written off as woolly-headed, undisciplined or unscalable simply because they are un-evaluated… We need evaluators and critics. The rougher and tougher, the better. What we don’t need is academic hegemony over activism.

3) Person’s Choice Award for Foundation Data Presentation

Lucy Bernholz at Philanthropy 2173

In brief: As part of an ongoing appeal to foundations to share their data, Lucy celebrates the Knight Foundation’s new report, An Interim Review of the Knight News Challenge, for its useful and beautiful data presentation.

4) Passion Needed For Data Driven Analysis in Philanthropy

Phil Buchanan at Tactical Philanthropy

In brief: “We should use stories responsibly, when they reinforce and illustrate what the data shows.”

5) Seattle Foundation Raises More Than $3.5 Million for Charity

Philanthropy News Digest
In brief:The Seattle Foundation has announced that a one-day online fundraising event on June 23 generated donations totaling more than $3.5 million from 18,800 people. From Seattle Foundation president and CEO Norman Rice: “This event represents the democratization of philanthropy, in which everyone can make a difference in the world around them.”

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